If you’re dealing with heartache, you’re in the right place

Breaking up is hard. Separations filled with frustration and fear, can be really tough. The upset and anger can be overwhelming.

As a married and divorced young adult, and married and divorced mother myself, I get it, I honestly do. I imagine…

You’ve spent years trying to keep your family together and believe in your heart that there’s more to life than struggle.

The hard part is…
after trying whatever you could to keep them happy…

if you’re now living in fear, denial or confusion, it can feel like being stuck. Possibly even being a victim or being overrun by anger.

Whether you believe it or not, there is a better way!

I know a lot about divorce. 

I was 7 when my parents divorced and 23 when my first marriage ended. Then in my 40’s, I separated from my children’s father.  So, I’ve spent many years trying to understand and heal from this experience. (Don’t worry, I’ve got it now!)

Going from being married to being happily single again isn’t easy, despite the number of couples going through divorce and whether or not you were the one who wanted out of your marriage. The truth is there are days it really hurts and seems incredibly unfair.

Despite trying everything… worrying, reading blogs and articles on separating, going to therapy, bargaining, railing against how unfair it all was… 

there was something I had to figure out and I wonder if you’ve been feeling it too?

Have you found yourself lonely or feeling unsupported and isolated in your heartache?

Have you tried to build your case against them? Or are you dealing with guilt and resentments?

Are you ready to start healing? To start to feel the optimism and hope that’s been gone for a while…

Are you ready to find out what's missing?

It wasn’t until I was on my knees in my attorney’s office that I realized, I had to change how I was approaching this entire experience. I had to accept what was truly going on. To take back my life. To figure out how to make my future one I wanted to live. And just like that, I began truly focusing on my healing.

  • Feeling the anger or resentments without reacting and making mistakes 
  • Negotiating all your relationships without needing others to choose sides (especially your kids) 
  • Managing the professionals’ requests and expectations 
  • Developing new skills so you never go through this kind of pain again 
  • Trusting your gut 
  • Softening your heart so one day if you want, a new lover can help you write a new love story. 

Just Imagine

Here’s the thing: you only get these kinds of results when you start to commit to yourself in a divorce as much as or more than you committed to your marriage.

That’s why I created doingDivorce™ School:

A 12 - week class for determined souls ready to create a new life for themselves, their loved ones, and a happier future.

During this 3-month group mentoring class you'll learn how to develop down-to-earth faith in yourself and your abilities. Make loads of hope for the kind of future you want even when you’ve forgotten how. Create steadfast courage to make it happen even when you’re unsure.

I'll teach you how to release the pain of your divorce to allow grace and gratitude to permeate your thoughts and actions.

And we'll hold each other accountable as you take steps to create the future, happily independent you.

Here's what's included in your 12-week doingDivorce™ School:

Weekly Classes Addressing common divorce issues. 

Let’s be real, divorce affects all parts of our lives and gives us new things to master, so each week we'll discuss a new subject and answer questions specific to:

  • how to understand what’s really going on
  • ways to manage your emotions 
  • best practices for communicating with your ex 
  • you’re in charge: how to deal with the professionals 
  • When should I date during and after divorce? 
  • getting real about intimacy
  • how to manage friends and family
  • single parenting skills
  • post-divorce thinking and emotions
  • what’s needed to overcome financial fears 
  • forgiveness 
  • how to create courage and independence

Live Classes taught by me, with personal coaching addressing your common concerns. 

I'll be right there with you to help guide and inspire you - I've been where you are and understand what you're going through!

12 two-hour classes over 3-months running from May to August 2018. 

It takes real time and consistent mentoring to shift from a story of your divorce that no longer works to a more empowering understanding that helps you get on with it. 

A community of supportive individuals ready and willing to create a happy and healthy future. 

You need a new group of like-minded people who understand where you're at and who’ll have your back.

Classes recorded and made available to all class participants. 

I get it – life happens! Sometimes you can't make a live class. We'll have a private Slack thread for communication and questions, and all classes will be recorded so if you can't make a class, you'll have the information available when you're able to listen.

doingDivorce™ School will teach you how to:

  • release your children to their own experience
  • manage your emotions so you can enjoy your day, your friendships, your work and your parenting even while negotiating your settlement
  • forgive yourself for the person you had to be
  • find your way back to your confident, engaging self
  • face future decisions like dating and relationships with hope and optimism
  • make your future safe and secure
  • open your heart to healthy relationships

It’s not intelligence you’re lacking, it’s support, acceptance, and an empowering perspective.

As such, the simplest way to achieve the life you desire is to understand the difference between how you're dealing with things now and how you could deal with things better. (I'm proud of you, up until now, you've done the best you could given what you know and understand!)

In contrast to other personal growth programs available, doingDivorce™ School is a personal mentorship program designed specifically for the unique challenges a divorcé faces.

You won't have to waste time explaining how complicated (and upsetting) your divorce is because I get it. I understand the challenges you face as you start to create your own life and the fears that dominate your thoughts and feelings.

doingDivorce™ School was created for you.

For those who recognize that to get through this experience and be at their best, they need to understand and change what's really going on.

As a twice-divorced overachiever, I learned the f-cking (I do curse!) hard way the importance of having an understanding of this modern-day rite of passage. I became aware that in order to feel my best, I needed to take a good look at how I was going about separating from my old life.

At the heart of doingDivorce™ School is the desire to empower you with the confidence you need to think through your divorce and feel happy and secure.

You probably feel a bit wiped out and fearful right now - you may have even made the conscious decision to pull in and hide from other people. But here's the thing:

No matter what's going on during your separation and divorce, your life will continue and you're the only one who gets to create and live it.

Wondering how my clients feel and what they have to say? 

When the overwhelm stops, your home will become more peaceful. You’ll know you can get through this and you’ll step out into the world with more confidence. With doingDivorce™ School I'll show you how to create the life you want.

- CW

- GK

“After my divorce was finalized, and after years of undergoing extensive personal development work, I was no closer to the healthy, new relationship I wanted. But working with Laura moved me out of grief and depression, and into positive action. Laura is simply the best.” 

"After my breakup, I was weak and lost. I tried to see a therapist, but her solution was ‘if you feel down, take these pills’. I wanted another solution. Laura helped me through the worst times of my life, because she understood exactly what I was going through.”

- GC

“I can’t remember a time in my life when I felt more alone. The emotional resilience I needed to start anew, after being married for over twenty years, was fortified by Laura’s compassionate and practical professional assistance.”

I've designed this school so you can get access to all the mentorship, guidance, and support without having to make any other high-ticket investments.

With doingDivorce™ School...

  • you won't need to invest thousands in therapy or waste money going over and over your divorce story with your attorney.  
  • you won't need to deal with frustrating advice and misunderstandings from your friends and family.
  • you won't have to navigate the time-consuming and expensive mistakes that go along with figuring out how to deal with your divorce on your own.

All you need to do is to show up, be willing to implement what I teach you and you'll start to feel results right away.

- CC

- JG

"I've never had a female believe in me, think I'm worth basically anything, and accept me for me. You have really changed my life...and in turn D and S's. Thank you so very much for believing in me!!!"

- EC

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I enjoyed yesterday's mentor coaching session. Thank you for building so much value through this process."

"You have absolutely clarified what I would like to get out of the coaching sessions. In fact, since speaking to you, I already feel a shift in my perspective on things.”

If you’d like to know more about doingDivorce™ School, I’d love to hear from you.

Don't bring the pain of your divorce into your future when you don’t have to.

Click the button below to complete a short, 5-minute application now. The next step is for us to get on the phone and see if this is a fit for you.

To guarantee that I provide the level of high-touch support required to help you create lasting change in your experience of divorce, I work with a limited number of students at any one time.

The fine print: With an intimate class, if we lose even one participant, it will be felt by all. However, if you find that after doing the homework for 4 weeks (you must turn in your assignments to me to show a good faith effort) and you're still not happy with the mentorship, I will give you back your first - month’s investment.

The only prep work is a short survey I ask you to complete so I have a comprehensive idea of what needs I can help you fill.

In order to feel connected to the class, you’ll begin to receive my daily and weekly Better Divorce inspiration and be put on my monthly Newsletter email lists. (You may get off any or all at any time.)

2 days before the course begins, I’ll send you access information to our private, closed Slack Channel so you can begin to know your classmates!

Every week I will send you the Zoom link for our class the day before the session. 

Each class recording will be available for 14 days following.

How This Works:

We're going to get along really well if:  

  • You're going through separation and divorce (or trying to navigate the post-divorce world) and want a better way to go about it.
  • You're open to being the world with more confidence.
  • You're ready for a change.
  • You believe in having a better life even when you’re feeling fragile.

You’re probably not ready for doingDivorce™ School and my mentorship if:  

  • If you’re unwilling to consider life could become better and enjoyable again.
  • You don’t want a happy future living your own story. 
  • You’re unable to offer us your best during class. 
  • You feel that Post-Traumatic Divorce Disorder™ is worth dealing with for the rest of your life.

The only difference between those who can’t handle the changes and those who understand how to make life better, is understanding this modern-day rite of passage. 

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